Power of 4 – Balanced Investing

Four category investing is about creating balance and safety within your investment portfolio. During the Great Recession of 2007-2014 many investors who specialised in just one area went bankrupt particularly if that area was property. Those that survived, thrived and increased their wealth were 4 category investors. Why? Because when one category is down another is up. 
During the Great Recession property went down lenders called in mortgages, rents dropped and arrears went up. Unemployment was high many were on benefits. Share prices went down fortunes were lost. On the reverse side Self employment accelerated especially Network Marketing. Gold and Silver prices had phenomenal growth. 

Whatever the economic climate at least one of the 4 categories will be down while another is up. 
Protect yourself and invest in all 4 categories.

Your Guide To Financial Independence 

Hi i’ve been part of Karen’s Mastermind group for 6 months now. I thought i would not need mentoring as i thought i was successful already and doing reasonably well. But i’m surprised how much i’ve learnt and how much progress i’ve made. Karen is able to take some very complex financial strategies and simplify them into steps anyone can follow. It also helps that Karen is able to share her extensive property and business experience. I would recommend the mastermind to anyone who wants to be financially free. Michael

Property Investing

Property Investing 
When it comes to property Investing most people automatically think of residential property. But there are many more opportunities available.
Last week I sold a garage. Garages have become a popular investment over recent years. They are generally low cost and versatile. No licenses required and a simple coat of paint between renters and they are ready to go for the next renter.
Garages can be used for parking a car. Used as storage units. In London they are being converted into bedsits. So popular are garages these days that they are the new growth area for property investors.
You can download a simple rental agreement from the Internet- there is a fee. And quickly be earning money from your investment.
Research last year into garage rentals and I found one company that owned 15,000 garages. 
Garages offer a great entry into property investing.
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